What is 4K UHD TV and its Features?


In recent year, the technological development in the world of TV’s has reached seamless heights. New techs and certifications, all focused on helping the TV tech to next level. The acronyms like HDR and BT.2020, are all out-dated now. 4K UHD TV, the talk about this project has been for years, it is not for tech-minded early adapters anymore and now it has now become a new standard.

This important is due to the CES in Las Vegas, the world’s biggest annual tech show, the 4K TVs have dominated the show for the last few years. The popular media provider Netflix has worked hard at pushing to 4K, with nearly all its new Originals programs being shown in the format. Amazon isn’t far behind, and its Fire TV was the first media streamer to work with 4k. Even for the gaming side, there are 4K  from the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro.

What is 4K UHD TV?

4K is also known as Ultra HD, this refers to a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. When compared to full HD TV, it is four times the 1,920 x 1,080 pixels that you found in it. This means that we are looking at about 8.3 million pixels, higher pixel density, and you should have a clearer,  so we are able to see more detail and texture.

What makes the UHD TV the best?

Few years before, UHD LED TV was only available from some manufacturers, it is no longer in case. Still, we can find 1080p TVs on sale, especially budget TVs, a wide range of TVs with average size or about are Ultra HD models. And this doesn’t mean that every UHD TV looks greater, it is preferable to stick with the models from bigger brands like Sony, LG or Samsung. If you want some good quality and performance at a lower price, Vizio, TCL offers a variety of inexpensive models with good quality which is worth for the price.  TCL- may not be so familiar, but it has made its long way, making impressive looking 4K UHD TVs at a very affordable price point.

Price list of 4K UHD LED TVs:

  • Micromax 43E9999UHD 43 inch LED 4K TV – Rs. 91,990
  • Sony BRAVIA KD-55X8500D 55 inch LED 4K TV – Rs. 110,290
  • Samsung UA48JU6000K 48 inch 4K TV -Rs. 120,900

The above mentioned are top brands… other affordable brands with good performance are

  • VU LED N50K310X3D 50 inch LED 4K TV – Rs. 32,725.
  • Mitashi MiDE040v03 FS 40 inch LED 4K TV – Rs. 39,490.
  • TCL 43P6US 43 inch LED 4K TV – Rs. 27,192.

Summing up

So now all will have a question that should I buy a 4K UHD TV are not???…. If you planning to buy a TV that’s 55-inches and above then you should think about investing in 4K. Most of the players are embracing, as it is a new standard, and the library content is only going to increase over time.

If you have a plan to buy a TV smaller than 55-inches then there is a lot to consider. The size of the 4K doesn’t make enough of difference at these sizes, but the additional technical features of 4K in the most set have not trickled down to the smaller models yet. It is preferable and possible to get a 4K UHD TV that’s as small as 40-inches.

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Soon they will update these versions to a smaller set, till then and for now, 4K is at its best at 55 inches and above, where you can get all the attractive and superfluous facilities matters.

Now, you will have an idea about What is 4K UHD TV and its significant features. Choose the best based on your need and purpose.  If you have any issues with the above-mentioned content or any betterment or any feedback, kindly comment below.

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