What is Patchwall OS and its Features?

Patchwall OS

After capturing a successful place in smartphone market, Xiaomi’s next target is to make a mark in the TV category and as a step for this Xiaomi launched the Mi TV 4. You might think like, it’s just a Android TV, What makes it so special and unique?… here is your answer. There is a lot of features, the biggest highlight among them is its PatchWall OS. Haven’t heard about it???… Here we will provide you all about it.

About Patchwall OS

Patchwall is a Mi smart TV Operating System based on Android.  It is an Artificial Intelligence enabled TV system that will analyze about our entertainment habit and provide personalized recommendation content based on the users preference.

It comes with a lot of popular an interesting apps like Voot, Hungama, amazon, etc and Xiaomi will include more apps into its Patchwall UI soon. Most of the content are provide without any charges. It also has paid subscription. If you want to watch any content that isn’t a part of the free library, then there need a subscription to stream it.

Application and Services

For now, SONY, Voot and Hungama are active on the TV but Xiaomi has mentioned that more services will be activated soon. Apart from subscribing, user will not have anything else to do. The update will be automatically done as long as the TV is connected to the internet. It supports 15 channels. 8-10 upcoming services does not include Netflix and Jio TV.


There is a search option, apart from the Patchwall UI. It allows the users to search content on both online and offline channels at the same place. Users also get personalized recommendation based on their viewing habits. These suggestion are given based on your frequent search content.

How Patchwall OS makes Mi Tv 4 different from other Android TV?

Xiaomi has nailed their work in redefining the TV User Interface.

  • If you connect a DTH Box on Mi TV, the patchwall will take and analyze the channel guide and integrate it as its own patchwall UI. You cannot find this feature in any other Smart TV in market.
  • Another big deal is that, it presents the content first rather than the apps. To be more clear, when you switch on the TV, the content will be hosted and not the apps. This makes you to watch movies and TV shows, irrespective of its source.

No Google Play Store on Android?

Even the Patchwall is an android based system it does not support Google Play Store or youtube. The only possible way to get apps on the device is to sideload them and it is quite difficult to for an average consumer, Xiaomi is working on it and will be back with a solution soon.

The are other alternative ways. If you have a Xiaomi smart phone and your Mi TV 4  are connected to a same WiFi, then you can download the app on you phone. So that the app will reflect on TV.  It’s pretty cool, but is pushing its own ecosystem to the consumers.

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There is still a lot more to explore about the UI feature of Mi TV 4. One interesting fact about Xiaomi is, it will not just launch this TV and leave as it is. They will keep on improving its features and services and always comes with the best. There are some drawbacks too, but they are expected to cleared soon.

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