NOTE TO USERS: Online video consumption has changed greatly over the last few years, and as such there are many more direct ways to access online video on our TV (Roku, Hulu Plus, Netflix, XBOX, etc) so we are sorry to say development of has stopped.  We will still offer the product for people who wish to buy it as it does still have some unique uses/features that are still not available in other applications.

We are however working on a new application called XBOX Local Video… it allows you to access your local movies and tv shows that are stored as MP4 file on the XBOX One and any other device that supports HTML5 video!  You can check out XBOX Local Video at

Thanks to all who supported over the years!

What is

Guide is an add-in for Windows Media Center (part of Windows 7) that allows you to bring together all the different types of media available (Flash based video content, local video files, Netflix instant streaming content,  etc…) into one common and familiar interface.  Every day more and more TV content is made available online through websites like Hulu and but with all these new sources of TV content comes many different interfaces and methods ofMovie Player View access to those sources. was created to bring all of those sources into one easy to use interface that is fully accessible via remote control.  Now version 2.5 also offers a full featured Movie interface that allows you to access your entire movie collection, as well as movies from online sources like Crackle, and Netflix in one attractive and simple to use interface!

Channel Builder also includes and intuitive and easy to use management application that allows you to easily create and manage your own custom TV channels and manage your movie library for… You can even download channels that other users have made and submitted to our channel repository!

Movie ManagerIn the latest release we have added a new movie interface that allows you to build an easy to browse movie library from all types of sources.  Most traditional movie plugins focus on local media content that you have stored on your media center machine. allows you to put that content into your library along with content from the Netflix instant streaming library (requires a Netflix subscription), and from online sources like Crackle and Hulu.  Your movies are also automatically categorized and the interface allows you to easily browse your category of movies in a familiar interface.