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I get an error when trying to open in Media Center.

If you have just installed the software and try to run the Media Center plug-in without first running the Channel Builder or the Movie Manager you will get an error due to the fact that the configuration files needed haven’t … Continue reading

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Does work on extenders? will work on extenders but only with content that is media based.  Netflix content and flash based content (from sites like Hulu, etc…) will only work on the full Media Center experience and NOT on an extender.  This is … Continue reading

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Does work in Windows Vista

Currently NO.  There are some issues that we are still working on ironing out with the media center plugin on Windows Vista.  Currently only works on Windows 7.

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Most likely you haven’t installed both of the setup files that were extracted from the download.  One setup file installs the Channel Builder and the other setup file installs the Media Center plugin.

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