[RELEASE] SecondRun.tv 2.5 Released!

SecondRun.tv 2.5 has been released!  This latest update include several bug fixes along with an all new Movie Management interface!  Now you can access your movie library right in SecondRun.tv!  Here are a few of the highlights of the SecondRun.tv 2.5 movie interface:

  • Add movies from local folders, Netflix instant streaming, and web based RSS feeds (like Crackle.com)
  • Automatic meta data lookup
  • Full movie management interface to manage your movie sources and meta data
  • Easily correct bad meta data or provide meta data for items that are not indexed well
  • Automatic genre based movie browsing interface (much like the Netflix interface in Media Center)
  • Add your own custom genres
  • Randomly play a movie from any of the genre lists
  • Extender optimized interface (only supports local media content)
  • And much more!

Checkout the full list of features on our new website!


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